Future Of Online CME And Professional Development In India

January 10, 2022

Healthcare Engagement Experts,

Tech Care for All (TC4A), a digital health and social impact company, welcomes you to a conference on, “Future of online continuous medical education and professional development (CME / CPD) in India”.

Listen into the experience of Indian healthcare leaders as they describe how the pandemic changed their organizational behaviour to online CME/ CPD adoption and what they see as a future. Learn how they navigated online post COVID and what worked or did not?

This event is for you, if you are engaging scientific / medical professionals online. Such as if your industry conducts CMEs or even if you are a healthcare professional training colleagues and peers.

Expert panelists representing: National Medical Association, State Medical Council, COVID-19 Task Force, Pharmaceutical Co., Medical Device Co., Corporate Hospital & Health-Tech.

View the Conference Video: https://medicallearninghub.com/course/future-of-online-cme-and-professional-development-in-india