Rapidly Diffusing New Knowledge On Novel Medicines For COVID-19 In India

April 12, 2022

At a Glance
A leading maker of medicines for global markets used MLH to host 69 knowledge-sharing webinars on COVID-19, reaching 65,448 doctors and other HCPs involved in COVID care, throughout 2020-2021. The company’s proactive, professional and scientifically sound contributions likely improved care for thousands of patients. Drawing high marks from participating clinicians, the program also reinforced the brand’s name recognition, gravitas and credibility.
The India business of a Global Top 5 generics company was licensed to manufacture and sell two anti-viral medicines that had recently been approved by the European Union and U.S. Food & Drug Administration for use with COVID-19 patients. Given India’s skyrocketing COVID-19 cases, there was an urgent need to increase clinician knowledge and confidence about managing COVID-19 patients with these important new treatments. But how to reach the millions of physicians across India’s vast and diverse healthcare community?
Tasked with the plan to spread scientific evidence-based awareness amongst HCPs in the country, TC4A India worked to secure expert speakers, panelists and partner healthcare organizations on COVID-19 topics ranging from Emerging Treatment Options to ICU Management and Infection Control, Clinical Management of Mucormycosis, and global Vaccine Updates. We rapidly devised a full suite of services to extend these knowledge
exchanges to an extremely large number of clinicians across India and in neighboring countries. Tapping our extensive user base and partnerships with scientific associations, we reached out to about 300,000 healthcare professionals across India to promote the courses.We hosted 69 knowledge-sharing webinars extending through 2020 –2021  at a pace of more than two per month.
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