TC4A Is Making The Medical Learning Hub Available To NGOs And Country Governments

April 03, 2020

As the world faces an unprecedented public health crisis, Tech Care for All is leveraging our Medical Learning Hub to help countries fight the coronavirus.  When COVID-19 struck, we quickly realized that our Medical Learning Hub would be a vital tool to help health providers in their fight against the pandemic. CEO Emmanuel Blin explained, “We decided as a company to make Medical Learning Hub available to country governments and nongovernment organizations that urgently need to disseminate COVID-19 training and guidance to their health workforces.”
Tech Care for All’s Medical Learning Hub (MLH) is a versatile software platform that lets healthcare workers around the globe access in-person and remote learning opportunities. 
African governments, medical associations and India’s largest nonprofit nongovernmental health network have all seized this opportunity. To support the Kenyan Ministry of Health and Kenya Medical Association, TC4A has set up a complete distance training module for healthcare professionals dedicated to the care of patients with COVID-19. 525 practitioners signed up in the first five days—an indication of how urgently it is needed. 
“We are doing this because we believe it is our mandate as a social impact company,” Blin said.