Benefit of early intervention & role of Favipiravir in managing mild to moderate COVID-19 disease

Benefit of early intervention & role of Favipiravir in managing mild to moderate COVID-19 disease

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As the incidence of COVID-19 cases continue to rise, we will need multiple approaches to effectively deal with this pandemic. Clinicians are evaluating Favipiravir for use in mild-to-moderate COVID-19 disease, which if administered early, may shorten time to recovery and keep the infection from progressing into severe disease.

We welcome you to watch a recorded experience sharing webinar on "Benefit of early intervention & role of Favipiravir in managing mild to moderate COVID-19 disease". The webinar is divided into the following modules:

Module 1: (Introduction and Welcome note, Start time:00min:00 sec, End time:06min:27 sec): Dr Sachin Malhotra CEO, TC4A (Host and moderator) started the session with introduction of topic and then he welcomed both speakers, Dr Agam Vora and Dr Mangesh Tiwaskar. He also shared the general guidelines for webinar and thanked Mylan Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. for sponsoring the webinar.

Module 2: (Early intervention benefits and role of Favipiravir, Start time:06min:34sec, End time:39min:45sec): Dr. Agam Vora, Chest Physician, Medical Director, Advanced Multi Specialty Hsp., Mumbai, Hon. G. Secretary of Academy of Advanced Medical Education, shared his experiences in "Early intervention benefits and role of Favipiravir". Dr Vora started his session with a short description about coronavirus and then explained about the clinical features of disease with his own clinical experience. Dr Vora continued the session by explaining case definition covering clinical severity and assessment parameters. He explained about the use of Favipiravir and shared the global clinical trials status with all.

Module 3: (Real world experience with Favipiravir, Start time:40min:30Sec, End time:01hr:04min:53sec): Dr. Mangesh Tiwasker, Consultant Physician & Diabetologist, Shilpa Medical Research Centre, Mumbai, Hon. G. Secretary: National API / ICP / PRF shared "Real world evidence experience with Favipiravir". Dr Tiwaskar started with his personal COVID-19 case presentation from symptom stage to recovery stage. Dr Tiwaskar continued the session with discussion on use of Favipiravir with therapy details and its impact on various cases with graphical presentation of symptoms from over 400 COVID-19 patients on Favipiravir.

Module 4: (Q&A, Start time:01hr:05min:30sec, End time:01hr:27min:35 Sec): Dr Sachin Malhotra addressed the speakers on behalf of participants with several relevant questions pertaining to COVID-19 cases and its treatment modalities.

Module 5: (Vote of Thanks, Start time:01hr:27min:39sec, End time:01hr:35min:29sec): Dr Sachin Malhotra ended the session by raising the poll and sharing thank you note with speakers, participants and the sponsors Mylan Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.


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