Management of COVID-19 and Preparing clinic for upcoming winter and expectation of infectivity rate

Management of COVID-19 and Preparing clinic for upcoming winter and expectation of infectivity rate


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Indian Medical Association East Delhi cordially invites you all to interactive recorded live webinar session on topic "Management of COVID-19 and Preparing clinic for upcoming winter and expectation of infectivity rate ".

Module 1 - Treatment options for COVID-19 mild to moderate (use of Favipiravir) & preparing clinic 
for upcoming winter and expectation of infectivity rate: Dr Dhiren Gupta 

AIM of treatment 
●Standard way of treatment of mild to moderate cases  
●Use of Favipiravir  
●Practical tip- case based approach  
●Case 1 - stratifying the case 
●Treatment (mild / moderate/ severe)  
●Follow-up instructions – clinical targets, red flag and investigations  
●Spectrum of COVID-19 
●Pathogenesis of the virus – Phases with respect to onset of the symptoms  
●In patient vital status of the patient with charts explained  
●Case 2 – Day wise status of patient with treatment given  
●Further cases were discussed management day wise symptoms, status and management  

Lessons learnt  
●Faviparavir may not have role in high risk patients  
●Better than ivermectin  
●Radiological interpretation in important  

Role of radiology  
●Pulmonary phase 
●Corelation with score and severity  
●NIH Guidelines and treatment (mild, moderate and severe disease definitions) 

●What is Favipiravir and dosage  
●Side effects  
●Drug interactions  
●Trails supporting Favipiravir  

●When to use early antivirals (Favipiravir/Remdesivir) 
●When to Shift from Favipiravir to Remdisivir (based radiology and symptoms) 
●Management of patient explained with respect to risk, symptoms and radiological staging   
●Winters will increase the severity and transmission  
Module 2 - Treatment options for COVID-19 moderate to severe (Use of Remdesivir in reducing 
Mortality rate): Dr Atul Gogia 

●Classification of severity COVID-19 
●Key therapeutic classes under evaluation for treatment of COVID-19 (antiviral 
and immunomodulator)  
●Therapies predicted to provide benefits at different stages in COVID-19 

●Treatment initiation and dosing regimens  
●Safety information and warnings for Remdisivir  
●Remdisivir Trail 
●NIAID ACTT1 – Clinical Status Ordinal Scale  
●Efficacy and safety of Remdisivir 
●Simple severe study trail explained  
●Simple moderate study explained  
●Various studies on Remdesivir described 

●Composition and dosing  
●Trails on dexamethasone discussed  
●Trail on hydrocortisone use in COVID-19  
●NIH/ISDA – Recommendations and guideline to use dexamethasone and other corticosteroids 

Plasma therapy  
●Passive immunity  
●Use of Monoclonal Antibodies, Hyperimmune Immunoglobulins and Convalescent Plasma  
●Trails regarding use of Plama therapy discussed  

●Appropriate patient selection and timing is the key 
Module 3 – Question and Answer session  

The questions of delegates were discussed in a very interactive and informative session . 
We wish you a great learning experience and thank Indian Medical Association East Delhi for hosting this session. We also thank our sponsors Mylan Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. to make this program possible.


Session à venir Du Oct 23, 2020
Au Jan 23, 2021