Rajasthan fights against COVID-19:  Clinical experience sharing

Rajasthan fights against COVID-19: Clinical experience sharing


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IMA Rajasthan, Fortis Hospital Rajasthan and MGM Hospital Rajasthan welcome you to a recorded clinical experience event on the topic "Rajasthan Fights against COVID-19, Clinical experience sharing".

Introduction of panelist: Dr. Mayuri Keskar, TC4A welcomed and introduced all the panelists and speakers from IMA Rajasthan, Fortis hospital and MGM Hospital Rajasthan. Dr Mayuri then briefed the participants with the structure of the webinar, and general instructions. Dr Thareja and Dr Jain from IMA Rajasthan welcomed the speakers and thanked Viatris (formerly Mylan Pharmaceutics) for supporting the webinar

What was covered:

Dr Pankaj Anand started the session with a clinical case presentation, He covered the points related to clinical trials on Remdesivir and explained the benefits of Remdesivir in treating moderate to severe cases.

Dr Ashish Jain continued the session by discussing Complications in COVID cases. He explained about the commonly reported complications of COVID-19 infection. Dr Jain explained in detail the effects on different organs and its management consideration.

Panel discussion with Q&A session: After the speaker’s session, panel discussion started followed by Q&A session. Dr Mayuri moderated the session; the panel shared their experiences answering the questions and answers.

Vote of thanks and Poll: At the end of the webinar poll questions were raised for attendees and shared vote of thanks with all panelists and participants to provide the opportunity to co host the webinar with them and then vote of thanks was shared with Viatris (formerly Mylan Pharmaceutics) to make this series of COVID-19 webinar possible.

We thank our sponsors Viatris to make this program possible and we wish you a great learning experience.


Session à venir Du Nov 18, 2020
Au Feb 18, 2021