Safe TLH With Retroperitoneal Approach

Safe TLH With Retroperitoneal Approach

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Dr. Dipak Limbachiya & Prof. Dr. Sarita Agarwal welcome you to a recorded live surgical webinar on “Safe TLH with Retroperitoneal approach”.

Part 1: Drive Safely through the Pelvis - Anatomy explained by Prof. Dr Sarita Aggarwal 
●Retroperitoneal Anatomy  
●Avascular Spaces of the Female Pelvis and classification  
●Surgical Anatomy in Gynaecological Oncology  
●Journey through retroperitoneum 
●Female Pelvis- Sacral Promontory  
●Ureter and surrounding structures and its importance in the surgery 
●Pelvic vessels  
●Pelvic nerves  
●Retropubic space and its surgical importance  
●Vesicovaginal/Vesicocervical space and its surgical importance  
●Rectovaginal space and its surgical importance  
●Rectorectal space  
●Approach to Inferior Presacral Space  
●Attention during dissection (vessels, nerves and structures) 
●Lateral space and its importance  
●Obturator space  
●Para vesical space and caution to be undertaken 
●Yabuki space and importance  
●Latzko’s space  
●Okabayashi’s space
Part 2: Surgery: Onsite live surgery performed by Dr Dipak Limbachiya (Questions of the delegates were addressed during the operation) 
●Preparation and Positioning 
●Insertion of a Uterine Manipulator and positioning  
●Abdominal Entry and Trocar Placement 
●Coagulation and cutting of cornual structures 
●Incisions made and structure underlying demonstrated and explained throughout the surgery 
●Dissection of the uterovesical peritoneal fold 
●Dissection of the posterior peritoneum and skeletonization of the uterine vessels 
●Pararectal space and Okabayashi’s space and vessles and nerves described 
●Medial approach demonstrated  
●Mobilize the Bladder/ Bladder dissection 
●Secure the Uterine Vessels  
●Tubo ovarian structures secured  
●Separate the Uterus and Cervix from the Vaginal Apex 
●Coagulation of uterine vessels 
●Removal of the Uterus 
●Vaginal Cuff Closure 
●Port Site Closure 

We look forward to your participation and an interactive learning session. We thank Ethicon for making this session possible.


Session à venir Du Oct 18, 2020
Au Jan 18, 2021