Safe TLH With Retroperitoneal Approach-2

Safe TLH With Retroperitoneal Approach-2

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Dr. Dipak Limbachiya welcome you to a recorded live surgical webinar on “Safe TLH with Retroperitoneal approach-2”.

Module 2: Safe TLH With Retroperitoneal Approach

●Dissection of the uterovesical peritoneal fold 
●Method to prevent ureteric injury while taking uterosacral ligament discussed and demonstrated 
●Tips and tricks for doing simple TLH 
●Elaborated bladder dissection/ separation demonstrated  
●Dissection of the posterior peritoneum and skeletonization of the uterine vessels 
●Coagulation and cutting of left cornual structures, posterior peritoneal dissection and 
skeletonization of the left uterine pedicle 
●Bladder dissection 
●Coagulation of uterine vessels 
●Dissection of posterior parametrium 
●Specimen retrieval 
●Closure of the vaginal vault 
●Method of suturing discussed

We look forward to your participation and an interactive learning session. We thank Ethicon for making this session possible.


Session à venir Du Oct 18, 2020
Au Jan 18, 2021