Telangana fights against COVID-19: Clinical experience sharing

Telangana fights against COVID-19: Clinical experience sharing


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Indian Medical Association Hyderabad City welcomes you to the recorded live clinical experience sharing webinar on the topic "Telangana fights against COVID-19: Clinical experience sharing".

What was covered:

Module 1: Management of moderate & severe cases of COVID-19: Dr. Sudhir Prasad (13.00)
• Classification of disease discussed (Asymptomatic, Mild, Moderate and Severe)
• Imaging: Xray and HRCT in COVID-19 explained
• Discussion of interpretation on Corads score and CT Chest severity score
• Moderate COVID-19: Discussion on symptoms, investigations and Management (Patients requiring O2 support and not requiring O2 support)
• Use of steroids, oxygen and Remdesivir in moderately ill patients needing O2 explained
• Severe COVID-19: Management with O2 support, ECMO, HFNC/NIV and invasive mechanical ventilation discussed in detail
• Use of Remdesivir, steroids, Inotropes, tocilizumab, convalescent plasma, anticoagulants and immunomodulators in severe COVID-19 management discussed with dosage
• Inflammatory markers and interpretation in disease management
• Cytokine storm syndrome explained
• Cytosorb technique and its use in covid discussed
• Cases discussed explaining management of COVID-19 moderate and severe cases

Module 2: Complications in COVID-19 cases: Dr. Srirang Abkari (50.25)
• Case discussions on management of COVID-19 moderate and severe cases and post discharge complications
• Brief summarization of post covid symptoms with respect to systems involved
• Complications before the illness discussed (anxiety and depression)
• Complications during the illness described in brief (Pulmonary and Extra Pulmonary)
• Extrapulmonary complications discussed with respect to systems involved in detail (Cardiac, Thrombotic and Neurological)
• Multisystemic inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C)) discussed
• Complications After the Illness discussed in detail (Long COVID, Prolonged Fatigue, Weight Loss, New Onset Diabetes, Secondary Infection, Pulmonary and Thrombotic)
• Long COVID Syndromes and different presentations discussed
• Baricitinib newer molecule for management of COVID-19 patients described

Module 3: Question and Answer Session

We thank our sponsors Viatris to make this program possible and we wish you a great learning experience.


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