The race for COVID-19 treatment, Clinical trial outcomes & expert perspectives

The race for COVID-19 treatment, Clinical trial outcomes & expert perspectives

Coronavirus, Therapeutic

140 min; split into modules

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Aperçu du cours

The challenges of conducting trials against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic will continue as we collectively journey into the “new normal”.  Welcome to the recorded webinar on "The race for COVID-19 treatment; Clinical trial outcomes & expert perspectives".

What will be covered:
Situation of COVID-19 and health care workers in the state of Uttar Pradesh (UP)
Different categories of COVID-19 hospitals in UP
Clinical experience with different treatment options 
Clinical studies, current experience & expectation from the near future

This webinar recording is split into 5 topics and available for your viewing as follows:

Module 1: (08 minutes) 
Introduction: Dr. Alok Kulshrestha (Director IMA CGP UP) introduces the various panelists and welcomes participants.
Welcome note: Dr. Ashok Rai (IMA UP President), who addresses the IMA Members and discusses issues faced by health care professionals in Uttar Pradesh due to COVID-19 pandemic and talked on the use of IPC measures. 

Module 2: (14 minutes)
Challenges faced in opening hospitals and the different categories of COVID-19 hospitals: L1, L2, L3: Dr. Sharad Agarwal (Ex Vice President of IMA National), Dr Jayant Sharma (IMA-UP Hon. Secretary)
Dr. Agarwal, discusses the challenges faced in opening private COVID L1, L2 & L3 hospitals with his personal experiences in opening the first in Uttar Pradesh. Dr Sharma briefly explained about the COVID situation and how IMA UP is coping to solve the issues due to pandemic.

Module 3: (44 minutes)
In this module, Dr. Surya Kant (Renowned pulmonologist, Professor and HOD, Respiratory Medicine, Kings George Medical College, Lucknow) describes the epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical features, complications, different treatment options available and in development including vaccinations. Dr. Surya Kant shares his clinical experience and describes precautions to be adapted to prevent the COVID-19 infection. 

Module 4: (43 Minutes)
During this module, Dr. Kirti Sabnis (Infectious Disease Specialist, Consultant, Fortis, Mulund, Mumbai) shares information about ongoing COVID-19 clinical trials, virulence of COVID-19, RT-PCR technology interpretation and its use in prognosis of the COVID-19 case. Case presentations were also provided.

Module 5: (31 minutes) 
The exciting talks were followed by multiple questions (>72 asked) moderated expertly by Dr. Alok Kulshrestha for the panel. Don’t miss this Q-and-A section as it addresses several questions that even you may have. 
Dr. Sachin Malhotra (CEO, Tech Care for All India) ended the session with a note of thanks to all participants, hosts, speakers, panelists and Mylan Pharmaceuticals Limited without whose support this session would not have been possible,


Plan du cours

Host Panelist:
Dr Ashok Rai (IMA UP, President)
Dr Jayant Sharma (IMA UP, Hon. Secretary)
Dr Sharad Agarwal (IMA National, Ex-Vice President)

Dr Alok Kulshrestha (IMA UP, Chairperson)

Dr Surya Kant (Pulmonologist,  Professor & HOD, Respiratory Medicine, KGMC, Lucknow):
Dr Kirti Sabnis (Infectious Disease Specialist, Consultant, Fortis, Mulund, Mumbai

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