Treating COVID-19 Patients: Moderate and Severe;  Complications in these cases

Treating COVID-19 Patients: Moderate and Severe; Complications in these cases


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MODULE 1 - Overview of COVID-19, Dr B B Revari (30min)
•Microbiology of corona virus, virus history with types and pathophysiology.
•Description of the viral strain in India
•Mode of transmission, symptoms observed & high-risk group
•Definitions with distribution and categorization with respect to observed symptoms
•Present diagnostic tests and their method with relevant studies
•Interpretation discussion of results (false positive etc)
•Sample collection and LOD
•Radiological corelation and clinical significance in management (day wise)
•Mechanism of action of different drugs & immunology
•In depth knowledge about various vaccines with their mechanism of action & vaccines in pipeline under development

MODULE 2: Management of COVID-19, Dr Randeep Guleria (45min)
•Pathophysiology of the virus and system wise correlation with symptoms distribution
•Course of disease and classification
•Management (investigations, supportive care and specific treatment) 
•Laboratory features 
•Clinical predictors (comorbidities) of disease severity 
•Radiographic predictors of disease severity
•Treatment strategies, national protocol of treatment, explanation of disease course and use of drug in each phase. 
•In detail description of in-hospital management 
•Remdesivir, Hydroxychloroquine, Favipiravir, Ivermectin, Convalescent Plasma Therapy,Corticosteroids: action and clinical trails supporting the efficacy & recommendation by Government of India wrt indication, dose, contraindication & adverse effects
•Monoclonal antibodies, Tocilizumab and itolizumab therapies explained 
•Treatment with corticosteroids for preventing complications. Drug dosage and explanation with trails 
•Use of anticoagulants for preventing complications. Drug dosage and explanation with trails 
•Various types of delivery devices and masks 
•In depth explanation of high flow nasal cannula, non-invasive ventilation and mechanical ventilation  

MODULE 3: Aftermath of COVID-19, Dr. Dhruva Chaudhry (1Hr)
•Case presentations with investigations, treatment, Couse of disease in hospital, follow up and persistent symptoms  
•Typical course of covid 19 and with predictability of symptom post covid  
•What is long covid
•What is chronic fatigue syndrome, spectrum of the syndrome with symptoms.
•The five mutually reinforcing drivers 
•Pathogenesis and post covid recovery plan (4ps)
•Respiratory symptoms in post covid explained. Management with antifibrotics (pirfenidone)  
•Uncertainties explained with Couse and examples 
•Cardiac complications post corvid with radiographic changes 
•Coagulopathy in covid explained with management with anticoagulants, dose and duration with choice of anticoagulant 
•Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in covid adults 
•Criteria pathogenesis and management 
•Psychiatric illness in Patients during the course and post covid explained in detail
•Rehabilitation on covid 19 patients post covid

Module 4: Question and Answer session (1Hr)
•The panelist had a resourceful discussion on doubts of the delegates 
•Further queries and newer strategies,adherent holistic and herbal approaches were discussed


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