Uttar Pradesh fights Against COVID-19: Clinical experience sharing

Uttar Pradesh fights Against COVID-19: Clinical experience sharing


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Indian Medical Association Uttar Pradesh and Max Healthcare welcomes you to the recorded live clinical experience sharing webinar on the topic "Uttar Pradesh fights Against COVID-19: Clinical experience sharing".

What was covered:

Module 1: Treating Moderate to severe cases and use of Remdesivir -Speaker: Dr. Ankit Bhatia (13.45)
• Burden of COVID-19--Global COVID-19
• Pathophysiology of COVID-19 discussed (stages and severity)
• Current Management and Supportive Care guidance according to severity of COVID-19 explained
• Management of moderate COVID-19 discussed
• Awake proning and its importance explained
• Management of Severe COVID-19 and importance of early supportive therapy and monitoring discussed
• Acute coinfection treatment and management of hypoxemic respiratory failure and ARDS discussed
• Non-Therapeutic Management of Critical COVID-19 and Prevention of Complications discussed
• Management of Critical COVID-19 in Septic Shock discussed
• COVID-19 Therapies Predicted to Provide Benefit at Different Stages explained
• Investigational therapies-MoHFW protocol (Convalescent Plasma, Tocilizumab and Remdesivir) described with guidelines
• Clinical trails on use of Remdesivir in Covid-19 discussed
• FDA approval of Remdesivir use and guidelines discussed in detail
• Indian context of using Remdesivir explained

Module 2: Complications in COVID-Speaker: Dr. Surya Kant (1.03.00)
• General discussion on virus and spread
• Investigation and management in Covid-19 discussed
• Complications in COVID-19 discussed (most common and less common)
• Respiratory complications discussed (pneumonia, ARDS types and management )
• Cardiovascular complications and their managemnet discussed
• Treatment of septic shock in covid discussed
• Renal and Hepatic (Acute liver injury )complications discussed
• Neurological complications in Covid discussed
• Gastro intestinal manifestation and management discussed
• Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) and its management discussed
• Post intensive care syndrome described in brief
• Prevention of COVID-19 and improving lung health was discussed

Module 3: Question answer session

We thank our sponsors Viatris to make this program possible and we wish you a great learning experience.


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Au Feb 27, 2021