Covid-19 online course for healthcare providers

Covid-19 online course for healthcare providers


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Course Overview

PSK has partnered with the Ministry of Health (MoH) to disseminate relevant content on COVID-19 to all health care workers working in the country. This course is a production of a recent 2-day Training of Trainers (ToT) conducted by the MoH Kenya, on the 18th and 19th March 2020 in Nairobi facilitated by leading experts in the country. The course is targeted at all clinicians and other front-line staff working in the country and particularly in the public sector.

The course objective includes:

1: Serving as an educational aid and reference material for trainers as well as healthcare workers on the country’s response to COVID -19.

2: Disseminate information and knowledge to health care workers on relevant issues including diagnosis, case management, infection prevention, and control as well as data reporting and referral mechanisms.

3: It also seeks to standardize care, management, and prevention of COVID-19 in the country.

The course includes recorded videos in lecture style, videos of practical skills, as well as downloadable checklists and other resources.

Educational Methods
E-learning course,  with practical demonstrations, and downloads of relevant checklists and resources



 Part 1: Overview/background of COVID-19
 Part 2: Case management COVID-19
 Part 3: Enhanced surveillance for COVID-19
 Part 4: Infection prevention and control
 Part 4(a): IPC theory
 Part 4(b): IPC theory
 Part 4(c): IPC practical
 Part 5: Laboratory diagnosis
 Part 5 (a): Laboratory diagnosis
 Part 5 (b): Practical: sample dollection, packaging & shipment
 Part 6: Hospital rapid response
 Part 6 (a): Hospital rapid response overview
 Part 6 (b): Hospital rapid response slides
 Part 7 : Risk communication
 Part 7(a): Risk communication
 Part 7(b): Risk communication
 Part 8 : Download section
 Hand hygiene-why, how, when
 01- Hand hygiene-when
 02- Preparation of chlorine disinfectant solution
 03- How to hand-rub
 04- How to hand-wash
 05- Recommended PPE in the context of COVID-19
 06- Inpatient health facility
 07- Doffing and donning part 1
 08- Donning and doffing part 2
 09- COVID-19 self-care and observation
 10- Outpatient triage setting for COVID-19
 11- PPE for waste handlers

Coming session Starts May 04, 2020
Ends May 03, 2021