Digitally Connected to Your Patient

Digitally Connected to Your Patient

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Association of Medical Consultants

Association of Medical Consultants
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Association of Medical Consultants




Course Overview

Digitally Connected to your Patient explains the application of simple social media tools to Doctors, to make sure that they remain connected and well communicated with their Patients.



Following modules will be covered during the course.

  1.  Omnichannel Marketing : Seamless communication with your Patient
  2.  Online Website Creation
    •  Importance of Website
    •  Introduction to Online Website Builders
    •  Website creation using WIX ADI
    •  Website creation using WIX Editor
  3.  Google Analytics
    •  Search Engine Optimization
    •  Google My Business
    •  Introduction to Google Analytics
    •  Google Analytics Reports
  4.  Live Facebook Session : Live engagements
    •  Why Facebook Live ?
    •  Facebook Live using Mobile Device
    •  Facebook Live using Desktop
  5.  Creating Youtube Channel
    •  Introduction to Youtube and Youtube Channel
    •  Creating Playlist
    •  Create/Add Channel
    •  View Comments through Discussion Forum and Add Business/Personal Information
  6.  Test on Facebook Live
  7.  Test on Google My Business
  8.  Test on Youtube Channel
  9.  Test on Online Website Creation