Family planning module one for Health Care Workers

Family planning module one for Health Care Workers

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Course Overview


PS Kenya has partnered with the Ministry of Health (MoH) to disseminate relevant content on Family Planning, facilitated by leading clinical experts in the country. The course is targeted to all nurses, clinician officers, doctors, and other healthcare providers working in the country and particularly in the sector of maternal and reproductive health.

This course will serve as:

  1. An educational aid and reference material for nurses, clinician officers, doctors as well as other healthcare providers on safe family planning procedures.
  2. An informational tool for nurses and other healthcare providers on relevant issues related to family planning methods, amongst others.

The course includes recorded videos in lecture style and videos of practical skills.


Educational Methods

E-learning course and practical demonstrations on relevant resources.


Section one: Introduction to family planning

        Pre Test 1

        Part 1: Introduction, objectives & overview of family planning in Kenya

        Part 2: Integration of family planning into other health services

        Part 3: Basic anatomy and physiology

        Part 4: Contraception methods

        Part 5 (a): Family planning counseling

        Part 5 (b): How to use BCS +

        Part 6 (a): Infection prevention and control

        Part 6 (b): Handwashing

        Part 6 (c): IPC-steps and components

        Part 6 (d): Instrument processing

        Post Test

Section two: Family planning methods

        Pre Test 1

        Part 1 (a): Medical eligibility criteria

        Part 1 (b): How to use a MEC wheel

        Part 2 (a): Contraceptive implants

        Part 2 (b): How to insert implants

        Part 2 (c): How to remove implanon

        Pre Test 2

        Part 3: Emergency contraception

        Part 4 (a): Intra-uterine contraceptive device

        Part 4 (b): How to insert an IUCD

        Part 4 (c): How to remove an IUCD

        Part 5: Natural family planning methods

        Pre Test 3

        Part 6 (a): Projestin only injectable contraceptive

        Part 6 (b): How to give depo

        Part 7: Hormonal intrauterine device

        Part 8: Voluntary surgical contraception

Section three: Logistics, data reporting and post pregnancy family planning

        Part 1: Overview of post pregnancy family planning

        Part 2: Logistics management for reproductive health/ family planning commodities

        Part 3: Data and reporting

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