FINCON (The AMC Financial Conference)

FINCON (The AMC Financial Conference)

Course is available only for AMC members

Association of Medical Consultants

Association of Medical Consultants
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India





Course Overview

FINCON a Conclave for Financial Health Enhancement for Doctors.



Following modules will be covered during the course.

  • Introduction By Dr. Mukesh Gupta
  • Doctors in the Shark Tank - Startup Pitch by Dr. Rajiv Agarwal & Mr. Ankit Kanoi (40 mins)
  • Lessons Learnt from mistakes of Health Care Investors by Mr. Kapil Khandelwal (22 Mins)
  • Know all about Alternate Investment Funds (AIF) and Opportunities in Health Care Startup's by Mr. Ajay Jindal (23 Mins )
  • Investment opportunities in Real Estate by Mr. Pritesh Jain (24 Mins)
  • Creating Corpus in Dollars (Need and methods of diversification beyond borders) by Mr. Rakesh Rachwani Compressed (16 Mins)
  • Power of Compounding in Equities by Mr. Aashish Sommaiyaa (14 Mins)
  • Learn how to identify good and clean businesses that help create wealth in any market cycles by Mr. Siddhartha Rastogi (16 Mins) 
  • How to create wealth investing in Equity by investing with the Trend by Mr. Atul Suri Part 1 (10 Mins), Part 2 (12 Mins)
  • Wills by C.A. Priti Savla (24 Mins)
  • Dr. Lalit Kapoor (23 Mins)
  • Doctors & Taxation by C.A. Prity Dharod (25 Mins)
  • Unit 2 : FINNOVATE-Trend Investing
  • Unit 3 : FWC - Globification
  • Unit 4 : Investing In Healthcare Startups - ICAI Event.
  •  Dr. Nilima Vaidya Bhamare(23 Mins)
  •  Dr. Rajiv Agarwal Part 1 (26 Mins)
  •  Dr. Rajiv Agarwal Part 2 (26 Mins)
  •  Mr. Manish Nair (6 Mins)

Technical Prerequisites

Trainee should be a member of AMC.

Coming session Starts Jan,15-2020 12:00 AM
Ends Jan,15-2021 12:00 AM