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Slade 360 overview course


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Course Overview

The Slade 360 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is an online platform that allows communication between insurance companies and providers in Kenya. It is a product of Savannah Informatics.

PS Kenya is using Slade 360 to automate processing of claims between the PS Kenya franchised chain of Tunza clinics and Jubilee Insurance.

Slade 360 has several benefits to providers.

  • Getting paid faster: By reducing the duration claims gets to the payer, Slade360 is able to facilitate faster claims payments.
  • Lower operational costs: Operational costs are reduced by the efficiency Slade360 achieves in claim transmission.
  • Making informed decisions: Through Slade360 reporting tools, you let your decisions be guided by the data
  • Reduced claims rejections: Slade360 is able to reduce some of the charges that end up not being paid by preventing the charges in the first place.
  • Improved customer service: Customer service is enhanced via Slade360 through the use of system workflows.


This course outlines how to use Slade 360 as a medical provider. It includes video demonstrations and walkthroughs divided into four parts as well as a user manual divided into 10 chapters.

The videos provide a good general overview of Slade 360 whilst the chapter manuals provide in-depth details of Slade 360.

The demonstration videos give an overview of the following:

  • An overview of Slade 360, how to log in and eligibility look up. (4.20 minutes)
  • How to initiate and complete patient visits on E-claim including adding a diagnosis, add bill items, and add invoice number/attach invoice. (7.50 minutes)
  • How to submit a pre-authorization. (7.50 minutes)
  • Overview of pricelist and payments functions. (3.47 minutes)



 1. Overview of Slade 360
 2. Initiating and completing a patient visit
 3. Submission of a pre-authorization
 4. Pricelist and payments functions

User Manual
 Chapter 1 - Getting started
 Chapter 2 - Basic system to do's
 Chapter 3 - Member identification
 Chapter 4 - Authentication & authorization
 Chapter 5 - Claims
 Chapter 6 - Payment & reports
 Chapter 7 - Common support tasks
 Chapter 8 - Debugging Slade 360 at provider site
 Chapter 9 - Frequently asked questions
 Chapter 10 - How to contact support
 EDI full user manual

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