Understanding Clinical Trials

Understanding Clinical Trials


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Course Overview

Clinical trials are experiments designed to evaluate new interventions to prevent or treat disease in humans. The interventions evaluated can be drugs, devices e.g., hearing aid; surgeries, behavioral interventions e.g., smoking cessation program; community health programs e.g., cancer screening programs; or health delivery systems e.g., special care units for hospital admissions.
This course explains the basic principles surrounding clinical trials such as definition of clinical trials, role of clinical trials in clinical product development, overview of various types of clinical trials and clinical trials phases, regulations and design of clinical trials amongst others.
The course is as a result of a coverage of an in-person CME conducted by Prof. Gunturu Revathi who is currently the Head of Clinical Microbiology Dept. of Pathology at the The Aga Khan University Hospital
Nairobi, Kenya which was held at the KMA Hall KMA Centre, Nairobi Kenya on 22nd February 2020. 
It is targeted at all clinicians and all the healthcare professionals in the country and the region.
The course objectives include:
1. Serving as an educational aid and reference material for clinicians as well as health professionals in the country and the region.
2. Disseminate information and knowledge to health care professionals on an in-depth basis by providing information on experimental units, treatment and evaluation of the treatment, types of clinical trials, drug review steps & clinical research, controls on clinical research as well as the role of pharmacy in clinical trials.
This course includes recorded videos in lecture style.

Educational Methods
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Course Outline

Part 1: Overview/ background of clinical trials
Part 2: Types of clinical trials
Part 3: Clinical trials designs
Part 4: Controls & documentations on clinical trials
Part 5: Ethics, effectiveness & efficiency of clinical trials (or clinical trial standards)

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Ends Apr 02, 2022