DARA Academy

DARA Academy

Information is increasing in leaps and bounds, especially medical information. An online digital platform provides opportunities to provide up-to-date information that affects you at your convenience, comfort, and at your own pace. So, after years of hands-on face to face teaching, I have decided to make relevant information available for your benefit.

Some of the subjects we would focus on, in the coming times are:

1. Tuberculosis; 2. Covid-19; 3. Typhoid fever; 4. Tropical fever; 5. Antimicrobial Resistance; 6. Human Papilloma Virus and cervical cancer; 7. Infection Prevention and Control; 8. Prudent use of antibiotics; 9. Patient safety; 10. Molecular Biology; 11. Automation in laboratory services; 12. Competency-based learning; 13. Telehealth; 14. Management of healthcare facilities; 15. Quality and Accreditation.

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