Case study : Rapidly diffusing new knowledge on novel medicines for COVID-19 in India | Viatris

22 Sep, 2022 05:39 AM

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enlightenedAt a glance 
A leading maker of medicines for global markets used MLH to host 69 knowledge­sharing webinars on COVID-19 during 2020 and 2021, attracting 65,448 registrations from healthcare providers. The company's proactive, professional and scientifically sound contributions likely improved care for thousands of patients. Drawing high marks from participating clinicians, the program also reinforced the brand's name recognition and credibility. 

Mylan, a Viatris company, is a global top 5 generics pharmaceutical that was licensed to supply two anti-viral medicines that had recently, in the year 2020, been approved by the European Union and U.S. Food & Drug Administration for use with COVID-19 patients. Given India's skyrocketing COVID-19 cases at that time, there was an urgent need to increase clinician knowledge and confidence about managing COVID-19 patients with these important new treatments. But how to reach the millions of healthcare providers (HCPs) across India's vast and diverse healthcare community, within a short time? 

Tech Care for All (TC4A) approached Mylan with a plan to spread scientific evidence-based awareness and engage HCPs across the country. The objective was to engage 50,000 HCPs through Medical Learning Hub (MLH), and TC4A India worked to secure expert speakers, panelists and partner healthcare organizations on COVI D-19 topics ranging from Emerging Treatment Options to ICU Management and Infection Control, Clinical Management of Mucormycosis, and global Vaccine Updates. 
We rapidly devised a full suite of services to extend these knowledge exchanges to an extremely large number of clinicians across India . 
Tapping our extensive user base and partnerships with scientific associations, we reached out to about 300,000 healthcare professionals across India to promote the courses. 
We hosted 69 knowledge-sharing webinars extending through 2020 - 2021 - at a pace of more than two per month

Type of HCP Registrant %
General Physician 36%
Allied Healthcare Professionals 31%
Specialists 24%
Internal Medicine 9%

enlightenedAmong the key elements of our approach:

  • Nationally known Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) were featured as faculty, with occasional appearances by leading international researchers from around the globe
  • Informative MLH course pages were optimized for search engines, drawing thousands of visitors
  • Innovative, multiplatform digital marketing reached doctors “where they live”: on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn along with their Institutions and others, while our highly responsive helpdesk supported those with questions
  • "White glove” MLH hosting ensured smooth webinar delivery with full tech support for users, speakers, in-class polls, recording/editing services where needed, playback access, and certification as appropriate
  • Extensive event analytics helped understand audience behaviour, and response to learning needs in the medical community as the pandemic progressed

This assignment exemplifies how during an unprecedented pandemic Mylan and TC4A's proactive approach made it possible to rapidly diffuse knowledge to the 65,448 doctors who participated in one or more COVID-19 updates.


Increased HCP Engagement

Surrounded by strategic digital marketing, this carefully curated series reached thousands of HCPs, prompting increased engagement and peer exchanges, with 39% users participating in more than one event in the series.

Increased HCP Knowledge

Post-workshop polls consistently show that doctors participating in these COVID-19 classes gained in confidence and self-assessed as having increased their knowledge and skills. Quality and technical aspects of these eLearning courses were highly rated, and the free registration removes cost as a barrier.


During a time when HCPs across the globe were ill-equipped with experience and tools to confront a healthcare crisis, Mylan's proactive, professional and scientifically sound contributions to the care of COVID-19 reinforced the brand’s credibility throughout India and wherever HCPs accessed the content.


"The unprecedented scale of the COVID-19 pandemic challenged the healthcare systems and fast-tracked innovation leading to a scenario where the pharma industry and HCPs needed to come together to take the first steps towards tackling the pandemic. Digital platforms such as Tech Care for All’s Medical Learning Hub fostered virtual collaboration and created opportunities to share expertise. Through the joint initiative, we were able to rapidly diffuse knowledge to more than 65,000 healthcare professionals helping millions of patients in the country". -- Ajay Bhatia, Head of Commercial Operations, India at Viatris.

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