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"Tech Care for All (TC4A) a su nous convaincre de l'intérêt de leur plateforme de formation médicale à distance via leur hub MLH. En effet, TC4A nous a permis d’orchestrer la campagne mise en place par UPSA, concernant la sensibilisation des professionnels de santé d’Afrique Sub-Saharienne, à l’intérêt d’une bonne prise en charge des patients présentant le symptôme de la fièvre. La plateforme web proposée par TC4A nous a paru apporter une plus-value en termes de fonctionnalités et de convivialité pour les utilisateurs. La mise en ligne des modules de formation, la gestion des profils de chaque formateur, les campagnes de marketing digital sur les réseaux sociaux, ont été perçues comme les atouts principaux de la solution proposée. Face au succès rencontré, nous étudions les moyens de pérenniser notre action vers les professionnels de santé d’Afrique Sub-Saharienne, en développant notre partenariat avec cette jeune startup"

Loïc Bernard – General Manager pour l'Afrique de l’Ouest et le Maghreb – UPSA

MLH helped us increase the access in pvt. mkt HCPs, helped us to build (Company name) equity, helped us to build academic leadership in healthcare during pandemic and to drive a change in treatment guideline in the country. I truly appreciate the sincerity each employee of MLH has towards their work.  

Sr Marketing Manager (Top 10 Global Pharma, India)

We were able to reach out to our customers with relevant content in a efficient way. Overall the execution has been flawless and has exceeded expectation.

Puneet Rai- General Sales Manager at Johnson & Johnson, India

KMA and TC4A partnered to provide free to access CPD accredited continuous medical educational courses on the MLH platform ,through this partnership more than 1000 Drs and other healthcare providers have been trained on COVID-19.

Dr. Elizabeth Gitau Maina - CEO, Kenya Medical Association

“The unprecedented scale of the COVID-19 pandemic challenged the healthcare systems and fast-tracked innovation leading to a scenario where the pharma industry and HCPs needed to come together to take the first steps towards tackling the pandemic. Digital platforms such as Tech Care for All’s Medical Learning Hub fostered virtual collaboration and created opportunities to share our expertise. Through the joint initiative, we were able to rapidly diffuse knowledge to more than 65,000 healthcare professionals helping millions of patients in the country. “

Ajay Bhatia, Head of Commercial Operations, India at Viatris

Organizations using MLH

The Medical Learning Hub (MLH) is an e-learning platform that enables healthcare professionals (HCPs) to train and interact with leading medical experts globally. It provides professionals with current medical knowledge and opportunity to engage with peers and colleagues from across the globe in live webinars, on-demand online courses as well as on-site training opportunities. 

Our ambition is to transform medical training by democratizing and making available the latest innovations and opportunities to all HCPs in a highly efficient way. MLH offers trainings on a variety of topics provided by partner organizations and individual experts on  Allergy, Anesthesia, Cardiology, Colorectal surgery, Dental, Dermatology, Digestive surgery, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Gynecology and Obstetrics (maternal/newborn health), Healthcare administration, Healthcare finance, Immunology, Infectious diseases including HIV/TB, Innovative therapeutics, Laparoscopy, Microsurgery, Neurology, Oncology, Organ donation, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Public health, Covid-19 and many other topics.   

MLH partners with medical experts, pharmaceutical industry, medical device companies, medical colleges, medical associations, governments, NGOs and others in the healthcare skill sector to share the latest in their fields. 

Passionate about providing or consuming medical training? MLH welcomes to be the part of our new revolutionary journey of online medical education.