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The Medical Learning Hub (MLH) is a platform that enables health professionals to search and register for trainings globally! Our ambition is to increase training opportunities for healthcare providers and transform medical education.

MLH also offers a single-stop solution for trainers who are experts in their fields and for organizations that offer trainings. Whether you are an individual trainer, teaching hospital, medical device maker or pharmaceutical company, MLH lets you build your profile, list your courses, promote trainings and attract trainee registrations from around the globe.

MLH handles all training types: on-site events that are face-to-face or even hands-on, online training at your own pace, and live video classroom sessions.

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Dr. Avinash Bhondwe - President, IMA-MS

As a network of private practitioners in the great state of Maharashtra, the Indian Medical Association Maharashtra State (IMA-MS) has been utilizing Medical Learning Hub (MLH) to connect online with our >40,000 doctors of various specialties on topics of common interest. COVID-19 created a storm of webinars and I appreciate how the IMA-MS page on MLH provides clear communication of events planned for members.

Fr. Dr. Mathew Abraham Puthenchirayil - Director General, The Catholic Health Association of India (CHAI)

The MLH platform helped connect and train our healthcare providers spread across the country through timely webinars on topics of interest and through online certified courses. We continue to use MLH to train and record outcomes for our >1,50,000 Doctors, Nurses, Hospital Administrators and Community Health Workers.

Dr. M N Theraja - President, IMA-Rajasthan

The Indian Medical Association of Rajasthan State (IMA-Rajasthan) consists of many doctors who never had a need of email addresses or to go online. We appreciate how the staff at Medical Learning Hub (MLH) has supported onboarding of senior doctors and ensured a connected network during this time of COVID-19 crisis. We look forward to continued monthly activities utilizing the MLH for online as well as organizing on-site training communication.

Dr. Sanjeev Roy - Consultant Cardiologist Secretary, CSI- Rajasthan

As a consultant cardiologist and senior member of the Cardiological Society of India –Rajasthan (CSI- Rajasthan), I value continued medical education for the benefit of patient treatment. Medical Learning Hub (MLH) provided a solution to resume our society’s CME activities with tools for continued reference.

Dr. Siham I.

Super training, I highly recommend For Dr. Marc Patarin,Specialized in Dermatology, France

Dr. Alaa M.

I would thank you very much for this very informative and well organised course.

Dr. Saravanan D.

Best hands on course on TAVI. Dr.Ghostine has simplified the whole procedure with routine simple checklist and step by step approach. I would strongly recommend to anyone who is interested in starting TAVI prog


Everything was nice. It was good for the Dr. sisters. For me it was an eye opening. I feel there is a lot to do in my hospital after learning the correct things.Lectures were nice. Punctuality was kept up. Food and accomodation was good. One point to improve: It would be good if you could provide hot water also to drink in our residence. Because it is a cool place .

Dr. Sally J.

The whole team of faculty, father in charge and the students of hospital administration course did a commendable job Thanks to all of them Special thanks to SDFI, Beena, Cyril and the organizing team. special thanks to Fr. Mathew, CHAI and our sponsors. May many more like us benefit from such noble endeavors. God bless one and all Sr. Sally John.

Dr. Mercy K.

It was indeed a very good opportunity to those who did not have formal administative skill trainging. The course included various relevlant topics even beyond our time and grasp. I appreciate the initiative and the effort taken by CHAI and SDFI. Thanks a lot.

Dr. Prasanna G.

Hospital administration -It was well planned and organized. I enjoyed interacting with others. Yes such type of courses will renew and revitalize our function in the hospital. It is good to be away from the busy schedule. For,Dr. Ruchi Kanhere, MBA, BAMS

Dr. Mini V.

It is very much appreciated with so much of knowledge building and practical section with lots of eye opening. For- Dr. Ruchi Kanhere, MBA, BAMS

Dr. Helen M.

Very Informative and useful .Thank you For- Dr.Ruchi Kanhere, MBA, BAMS

Ms. Remonah Olukaka

Course on Case Management on Covid-19: Thank you for granting me a chance to learn, to gain skills and be an advocate for  Covid-19  free society. 

Dr. Helen Mary

Course-Comprehensive learning material for the Healthcare Professional: Thank you for this  very informative courses ...It is very useful to me. Thank you ..

Sr. Dr. Theresina

Course: Comprehensive learning material for the Healthcare Professional :- Really it is very useful for me. thank you that you have added me for this learning.  


Course: Laboratory Diagnosis of COVID-19: Much appreciated

Suresh R Chandak

Webinar:Sexual Life during COVID-19: Informative web cme

Pooja Bhakre

Course:IMA-MS: Training doctors for COVID-19 response Thank u so much for giving such great course ....some doubts which bothers me already answered during this course  for Covid  19. Thank u once again