Train more HCPs by delivering high quality, compliant, online CME experience

CME (Continuous Medical Education) is a key activity for you. We offer you a cost-effective platform to:

Ultimately you will be able to create lively communities around the training offered to HCPs by your organization.

We are committed to the highest level of integrity.

Data Privacy: We have implemented the strictest data privacy rules in the world, the EU RGPD laws.

Compliance: Our course registration process can be 100% customized to respond to any specific requirements of any organizations.

Audits: Any of our partners can audit our practices and databases at any time during duration of partnership.

Are you a pharma or medical device company providing medical trainings?

Learn how Viatris (Ex-Mylan), Johnson & Johnson, Ethicon, GE Healthcare, UPSA, Bayer, Novartis, Cipla, Biogran and other Pharmaceutical and Medical Device companies are using MLH services to reach their audiences, create impact and build their pre-sales funnel.

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Are you an NGO/medical association or government institution providing medical trainings?

Learn how Catholic Health Association of India (CHAI), Population Services Kenya (PSK), Ministry of Health (MoH) Govt. of Kenya, UNFPA/ SWEDD (Sahel), Kenya Medical Association, the various state Indian Medical Associations (IMAs), Medico-Legal Associations, Cardiology Societies and >50+ others healthcare institutions are using MLH services to reach and interact with their members and expand their offerings.

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Are you a healthcare specialist or key opinion leader wanting to share your skill?

Learn how specialists such as Dr. Ravindra Mehta, Prof. Dr. Surya Kant, Dr. Prashant Bhamare, Dr. Nutan Jain, Prof. Papa Saloum Diop (Senegal), Prof. Elijah Ogola (Kenya) and 1000’s of other medical subject matter experts are engaging with their peers and colleagues around the globe using MLH.

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