Designation / Role: Director Respiratory Department, Medanta the Medicity at Delhi - NCR
Address: India

Pulmonologist and public health professional with experience from private, public, and academic sectors, including clinical work in pulmonology, public health work, clinical and operational research. Trained in India (MBBS, MD Medicine) and UK (MRCP, CCST Respiratory) and have now completed MPH-Distance Learning, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, University of London. Worked in NHS, UK from 2000-2010 and completed CCST in Respiratory Medicine. Joined Medanta the Medicity, Delhi NCR, India in 2010; Director Respiratory Department, Medanta for the last four years. Feels passionately about Medicine and Health Inequity. Recently published a fiction book “In A Better Place: A Doctor’s Journey” (Bloomsbury India) about the lives of doctors.
Clinical expertise: 
26 years of clinical experience in premier institutes in India and UK. Complex outpatient and inpatient work, in COPD, Asthma, ILD, Sleep Apnea, Lung cancer, Infectious diseases,Tuberculosis, Bronchiectasis. Experienced in procedures like bronchoscopy, EBUS, thoracoscopy, pleural procedures. Managing respiratory HDU. Training and mentoring of junior trainees. Faculty in national level conference. Involved in research, academics, publications. Lead Respiratory physician in Medanta, during COVID pandemic in Delhi NCR.
Public Health expertise:
Designed and running an innovative state level TB program “Mission TB Free Haryana” since 2015, an active case finding program to augment the diagnostic capacity of the state for TB. Physician & project lead in the public private partnership. Have collaborated with government officials, key opinion leaders, and state & district staff in designing and implementation of this state level TB program. In 2019, a collaboration with Professors Andrew Hayward and Al Story in University College of London, led on to a robust partnership between the institutions – (a) the development of Inclusion Medicine service in Delhi Homeless – using mass screening by the mobile vans to increase diagnosis of TB; (b) collaboration for an RCT on the platform of the state TB program was started, and (c) the setting up a public health service in Medanta the Medicity. Possess a rare and unique combination of clinical and public health experience which has helped in creation and sustenance of a program that seeks to contribute to elimination of TB by 2025 in India.

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