Designation / Role: Chest Consultant National NTEP (RNTCP) trainer Sub-Committee member, National Technical expert, CTD
Address: India
  • Pioneer in ‘Private-Public-NGO’ Partnership, motivated almost all the private chest physicians in Mumbai to join and work along with the public sector, and have played a major role in their collaborations with public sector.
  • Conducted more than 160 state level ‘Trainings of Trainer’ all over India and more than 150 trainings to all DTO’s and MO’s in public sectors.
  • Credited with various National and International publications. 
  • Awarded for ‘Services to Humanity’ by Honorable Mayor Shri. Sunil Prabhu.
  • Contributed in making of National PMDT guidelines for Drug Resistant TB, India 2017, 2019 & 2021 and recent guidelines 2023 which will be released in January 23. 
  • Credited as first person to start Second line treatment for DRTB patients on ambulatory OPD basis under NTEP (RNTCP) programme in India.
  • Credited as first person to start BDQ and DLM on OPD basis in Maharashtra under the programmatic management.
  • Site PI for BPaL trial in India at Mumbai, Maharashtra.
  • State head Mumbai , Chest Council of India.
  • Chairperson Of 2 DOTS PLUS SITEs In Mumbai and till date registered and started treatments for more than 9800 plus DR-TB Patients since 2013.
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