Its Doctors Day & we thank you for stabilizing our world!

30 Jun, 2021 07:57 PM

Education has the power to change our world, and during the last two years demand for healthcare experience sharing events has kept us committed to democratize CMEs. Thank you for your participation and applying the CME learnings to improve patient care!

Did you miss a CME event during June? 

Here are some event recordings we thought you may be interested to view:

  • Liver and GI Manifestations in COVID-19

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    Dr Ameya Padmawar: Fellowship course in Gynecological Endoscopy (Sep 2021,Mumbai) 

    Dr. Hemant KanojiyaBasic & Advance Courses in Gynec Endoscopy (July 2021, Mumbai) 

    Dr. Akhil SaxenaFundamentals of Gynae Endoscopy (July 2021, Sonipat Haryana) 

    Dr. Mehul Sukhadiya: Multiple programs in Gynec Laparoscopy training, ART IVF (Jun 2021 onwards, Gujarat)


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 We look forward to welcoming you to MLH & wish you a great learning experience. 

Team MLH