National Senior Health Fitness Day

26 May, 2020 09:50 PM

“The National Senior Health Fitness Day”, a day dedicated to help seniors to be fitter, healthier, and happier! This day is utilized to create awareness on health-related issues, health screens, nutrition, exercise, and mental health among our senior adults.
Seniors suffer from health complications due to the aging. Diseases like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular issues, bone and muscle issues, depression and many more are common in this community. Thus, it is recommended to get a health screening test at regular intervals as a proactive measure, even if there is no sign of any health problem.
Good nutrition becomes even more important for ageing individuals. Malnutrition can accelerate the loss of muscles and bones in seniors that impacts their activities such as mobility, posture, strength, and results in frequent falls. Lack of nutrition makes it hard for their bodies to fight illness and heal. Cancer has also become common, and if malnourished, it is more difficult to tolerate chemotherapy. Nutritional deficiencies can cause visionary loses and reduction in brain neurons, thus impairing speech, coordination and memory.
Body Fitness can help fight many health complications. Regular exercise helps to retain bone mass resulting in decreasing the risk of fractures. Exercise help build muscle strength and thus reduce the risk of falls. For our seniors, low-impact exercises such as stretching, walking and swimming, are proven beneficial to increase strength and flexibility. Further, laughing therapies can help avoid stress-related issues.
If you want to make a healthy change to your life, start today. Be proactive, exercise regularly, make healthier food choices, and just stay happy. And now a word for the younger population….senior adults are often disturbed by neglect. Let us remind ourselves on this day to take care of the seniors in our lives. Let us observe this day by spending more time with them.Enter Your Text