Troubleshooting In Hiatal Hernia Surgery

Troubleshooting In Hiatal Hernia Surgery

Gastroenterology, General Surgery

3 Hours

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Course Overview


Welcome to recorded session of live surgery on "Troubleshooting In Hiatal Hernia Surgery".
The session was started by an introduction of the topic by Dr. Roysuneel Patankar (Consultant GI & Laparoscopic surgeon), followed by an introduction of the case in hand and the live surgery event webcast. The live surgery was moderated for an interactive session followed by any remaining Q & A.

What was covered:
The Basics of surgery explained followed by live surgeries.  
Fundoplication discussed in detail. dos and don’ts of the surgery (tips and tricks explained) 
Indications of surgery discussed. GERD explained with precautions to be undertaken. 
Preop workup checklist before operation explained. 
Step 1: Creation of pneumoperitoneum  
Step 2: Port placement and liver retraction demonstrated  
Step 3: Opening the pars flaccida and approaching the right crus and preserving the nerves 
Step 4: (Dissect the right crus of the diaphragm) Division of phreno–esophageal ligament and exposing the left crus 
Step 5: (Dissect window behind the esophagus) Creating retro-esophageal window and looping the GI junction  
Step 6 :(Mediastinal Dissection) Adequate esophageal mobilization  
Step 7: Division of short gastric vessels and mobilization od fundus  
Step 8: Shoe shine maneuver demonstrated  
Step 9: Cruroplasty demonstrated in video (multifilament ethibond used) 
Step 10: Wrap – Toupets partial posterior wrap 
The choice of procedure to be selected discussed. Importance of each step explained. The complications discussed and tips to avoid the complications explained. The products used during operation discussed (mesh)  
The steps explained were demonstrated during the live surgerys and structured appreciated explained.   
Questions addressed by the delegates answered during and after surgery. 

We thank Zen Hospitals and Ethicon for making this session possible.




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