Troubleshooting In Hiatal Hernia Surgery

Troubleshooting In Hiatal Hernia Surgery

Gastroenterology, General Surgery

3 Hours

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Welcome to recorded session of live surgery on "Troubleshooting In Hiatal Hernia Surgery".
The session was started by an introduction of the topic by Dr. Roysuneel Patankar (Consultant GI & Laparoscopic surgeon), followed by an introduction of the case in hand and the live surgery event webcast. The live surgery was moderated for an interactive session followed by any remaining Q & A.

The following was also covered: Basic physics, Monopolar current, Bipolar current, Vessel sealing, Ultrasonic energy , Use of specific instruments in complicated surgeries, surgical smoke in COVID-19.

We look forward to your participation and exchange of experiences. We thank Zen Hospitals and Ethicon for making this session possible.


Coming session Starts Oct 17, 2020
Ends Jan 17, 2021