Clinical Fellowship In Gynecological Endoscopy 01 Jul 2020

Clinical Fellowship In Gynecological Endoscopy 01 Jul 2020

Kanyaka Womens Clinic

Kanyaka Womens Clinic
Borivali (W), Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

3 Months

English Site


100000 / 100000 Seats

Course Overview

Candidate learns advanced laparoscopy and hysteroscopy skills, aquaintance with state of art equipment, participate in advanced laparoscopy for endometriosis, previously scarred abdomen, oncological cases, reconstructive surgery for prolapse, fertility optimisation surgery.
Duration of Course:

Duration 3 months, Trainee to travel with trainer.

Education method: Onsite, lectures and Videos.

Eligibilty Criteria
Gynecology graduates, postgratuates-Post Graduate Diploma in Gynecology and Obstetrics, DNB, MS(Obstetrics and gynaecology), Keenly interested for learning Endosocpy Gynecology.

Advantages of the procedure:

Gynecological and fertility enhancing surgery is soon being replaced by Minimal Access Surgery (MIS). Minimal Access Surgery (MIS) has several advantages over conventional surgery, in the form of minimising tissue damage, less pain, better visualisation and faster return to work. Advanced laparoscopy skills will enable the candidate to offer these advantages to their patients. Endosuturing skills will impart reconstructive abilities to perform pelvic floor reconstructive surgery and performing advance Laproscopy for varied Gynecological indications.

Medical  Devices:
Advanced bipolar energy sources, Vessel sealing devices, Ultrasonic energy devices, Bipolar and monopolar operative hysteroscopies, Endosuturing.

Clinical results:
Mentor based fellowships help in improving insight into these advanced surgical techniques and skills for better patient outcome. Advance Endoscopy skills will impart better patient out come. 

In various hospitals with facility for advance Laproscopy and Hysteroscopy.


Accomodation to be arranged by candidate.Travelling during the duration of the course will be facilitated during the day at work. 

Please write, if you need any assistance to plan your logistics please write to us at [email protected] or call at 9326389241. 



During the training you will be taught:

  1. Pelvic anatomy orientation
  2. Participating in hysteroscopic and laparoscopic procedures
  3. Retroperitoneal anatomy orientation  
  4. Learning the technique and physics of advanced energy sources 
  5. Learning - orienting- mastering endosuturing skills .

Technical Prerequisites

  • Motivation and desire to learn gynecology endoscopy.
  • Candidate  must be a postgraduate with his / her major- gynecology and self motivated to learn gynecological endoscopy.

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