ACTA: Pregnancy and COVID-19

ACTA: Pregnancy and COVID-19


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Course Overview

This course state about the measures to be taken by pregnant women to prevent COVID-19 and the precautions to be adapted by HCP to prevent infection. 


Chapter 1: PDF document by FOGSI: This documents states, measures for pregnant women to prevent COVID-19 infection, precautions for healthcare workers (HCW), clinical presentation of COVID-19 in pregnancy, testing for COVID-19 in pregnancy, notification of COVID-19 cases in pregnancy, management of antenatal, postnatal cases, breast feeding.
Chapter 2: AIIMS webinar:  This webinar was recorded on 3rd April 2020 for nursing staff. This webinar discusses about the management of women with COVID-19 during labor, care of pregnant women with COVID-19, postpartum care, care of neonates with COVID-19 and infection prevention control in inpatient obstetric settings.
Chapter 3: AIIMS webinar on pregnancy and labor management: This webinar was conducted by AIIMS on 9th April 2020 by Prof.Neerja Bhatla on optimizing antenatal care during the COVID-19 pandemic and Labor management for pregnant women with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection by Dr. K Aparna Sharma 
Chapter 4: Guidance for management of pregnant women in COVID-19 pandemic (ICMR PDF document): These infection prevention and control considerations are for healthcare facilities providing obstetric care for pregnant patients with confirmed novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) or pregnant persons under investigation (PUI) in obstetric healthcare settings including obstetrical triage, labor and delivery, recovery and inpatient postpartum settings.

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