Adolescence Education Programme – AEP

Adolescence Education Programme – AEP

Chandigarh State AIDS Control Society (CSACS)

Chandigarh State AIDS Control Society (CSACS)
International Hostel (New congress Bhawan), Sector-15 A, Chandigarh


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Course Overview


Chandigarh State AIDS Control Society, welcomes you to a recorded live webinar on topic:  “Adolescence Education Programme – AEP"

Module 1 - Introduction (00:00:00 - 00:06:05)

Medical Learning Hub (MLH) team introduced and welcomed all the panelists. The poll was raised. The structure of the webinar and the general instructions were shared with the participants.

Module 2 Introduction to Adolescence Education Programme (AEP) (00:06:05 - 00:15:38)

Dr. Jitender Dahiya, Deputy Director, Mainstreaming and In-charge of AEP (Adolescence Education Programme) gave an introduction to the Adolescence Education Programme and when it was initiated. He spoke about the objectives, reach and inclusions on AEP before handing over the stage to Dr. Dazy Zarabi.

Module 3 Adolescent Education Programme in India or Enabling Adolescents to build life skills (00:15:38 - 00:54:53)

Dr. Dazy Zarabi, Chairperson, Department of Community Education and Disabilities studies, Panjab University, Chandigarh started her session by speaking on the importance of AEP, phases of adolescence and their changes. Her session also included what does AEP teach and the role of schools. She concluded her session with a brief introduction to the ten life skills for adolescents.

Module 4 Gender based Harassment , Abuse and Violence in the shadow of COVID-1 (00:54:53 - 01:33:02)

Ms. Gurjeet Kaur, Head Mistress, Govt Model High School, Chandigarh took the session ahead by speaking on the presence of gender biases, types of sexual abuses, behavioural and emotional changes after sexual abuse and how to deal with the adolescent victims of sexual abuse. She then continued her session by explaining to the audience about the reasons for exaggeration of violence and abuse under the shadow of COVID-19 and how to deal with it. She concluded her session by speaking about gender discrimination in schools and its solutions.

Module 5 Question and Answer (01:33:02 - 02:02:49)

The participants asked various questions throughout the session which were answered by panelists at the end of the session.

Module 6 Toll Free Number (02:02:49 - 02:04:06)

Toll free number for all information on HIV/AIDS was shared by Ms. Teenu Khanna, Deputy Director IEC.

Module 7 Vote of thanks (02:04:06 - 02:07:28)

We thank Chandigarh State AIDS Control Society for making this event possible and we wish you all a great learning experience.


Coming session Starts Jan 12, 2021
Ends Apr 12, 2021