Airway management and OT management of COVID-19 patients

Airway management and OT management of COVID-19 patients


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Course Overview

Severe acute respiratory Corona virus-2, which causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is highly contagious. Airway management of COVID-19 patients is high risk to healthcare providers and bystanders. To understand these risk for healthcare providers and to help manage them, ISA (Indore) welcomes you to a live webinar on "Airway management and OT management of COVID-19 patients".

During the course:

1. Dr Meenu Chadha (ISA MP president, Senior Anaesthesiologist and Head of Department Anaesthesia in CHL Hospital Indore) discusses about the principles to manage COVID-19 patients in OR and provides guidelines for their proper airway management, tubes, intubation emphasising on safe, accurate and swift patient handling. 

2. Dr Deepti Saxena (Professor in Department of Anesthesiology & Critical care at Sri Aurobindo Medical College and Post Graduate Institute Indore) explains procedures in using PPE, safe and efficient shifting of COVID-19 patient from ward to the operation theatre - how this procedure now differs from non-COVID times. Dr Saxena also describes about precautions while handling symptomatic, asymptomatic, COVID-19, non COVID patients. 

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Dr Meenu Chadha
Dr Deepti Saxena


Coming session Starts Jul 25, 2020
Ends Oct 25, 2020