AMC: Isolation and quarantine in COVID-19

AMC: Isolation and quarantine in COVID-19

Association of Medical Consultants

Association of Medical Consultants
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Course Overview

In this course you will learn about the preparation of isolation wards, quarantine facility  for COVID-19 patients, disinfection of quarantine facility


Chapter 1: Isolation facility set up: This booklet is provided from NCDC which gives complete information about how to prepare the isolation wards, and the precautions to be adapted while wearing and removing personal protective equipment
Chapter 2: Guidelines for disinfection of quarantine facility of COVID-19: This document is provided by NCDC which provides detailed guidelines about the disinfection facility of coronavirus patient
Chapter 3: Guidelines for quarantine of patient: This document  from NCDC provides detailed information about procedures required to be adapted for preparing quarantine facilities, like  preparing infrastructure, medical facility etc.

Technical Prerequisites


Coming session Starts Apr 25, 2020
Ends Apr 24, 2021