Clinical Experience Sharing on the Use of Remdesivir

Clinical Experience Sharing on the Use of Remdesivir


1 Hour 54 Minutes

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Course Overview

In India, Remdesivir has been approved for emergency use in patients hospitalized with severe COVID-19. There is a need to understand and share experience on the use of this drug. We welcome you to view a recorded webinar discussion on "Clinical Experience Sharing on the Use of Remdesivir”.

What was discussed:
Module 1 (Welcome note, Start time:01min:33 sec, End time:05min:23sec): Dr Avinash Bhondwe (President- IMA Maharashtra) addresses the speakers and participants.   
Module 2 (Use of Remdesivir in treating COVID-19 patients, Start time:08min:20sec, End time:40min:17sec): Dr Pratibha Singhal (Chest Medicine) describes her clinical experience through case presentation including CT scans and other radiological videos of treatment response. 
Module 3 (Monitoring and Supportive care in COVID patients, Start time:42min, End time:1Hr:34min:40sec ):  Padam Shri, Professor, Dr. Digamber Behera (Respiratory & General Medicine, PGIMER) shares his experience about COVID19 immunological findings and recovery in patients.
Module 4 (Question and Answer, Start time:1hr:36min, End time:1hr:44min:46sec): Dr Ajit Tambolkar (Intensivist, Poona Hospital)  addressed the speakers on behalf of participants with several relevant questions pertaining to Remdesivir and patient real time experiences.
Module 5 (COVID-19 situation in Maharashtra, Start time:1hr:45min:19sec, End time:01hr:51min:45sec): Dr. Avinash Bhondwe (President, IMA-Mah.) describes the situation of Maharashtra with COVID-19 pandemic and how doctors are fighting a heroic battle from 1st week of COVID-19 till now. Dr Avinash also describes the recovery rate in COVID-19 patients.
Module 6 (Vote of Thanks, , Start time:01hr:51min:53sec, End time:01hr:54min:47sec): Dr Pankaj Bandarkar (Hon Secretary, IMA Mah) expressed thank you for providing IMA Maharashtra the opportunity to host this webinar. And at last not the least Dr. Sachin Malhotra (CEO, Tech Care for All India) ended the session with a note of thanks to all participants, hosts, speakers, panelists and Mylan Pharmaceuticals Limited without whose support this session would not have been possible



Host Panelist:
Dr Avinash Bhondwe (President, IMA Mah)
Dr Pankaj Bandarkar (Hon. Secretary,IMA Mah)
Dr Ajit Tambolkar (Intensivist)
Dr Digamber Behera (General Medicine / Respiratory medicine)
Dr Pratibha Singhal  (Consultant- Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine, Chest Medicine)

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