Clinical Experience Sharing: Treating Adult and Pediatric COVID-19 Patients & Updates on Remdesivir

Clinical Experience Sharing: Treating Adult and Pediatric COVID-19 Patients & Updates on Remdesivir


90 minutes

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Course Overview

Cases of COVID-19 are steadily rising in India, and because there is limited clinical experience around treatment options it becomes critical to share knowledge. 

Indian Medical Association Madhya Pradesh (IMA MP) welcomes doctors to a clinical experience sharing recorded webinar session on “Treating Adult and Pediatric COVID-19 Patients & Updates on Remdesivir”

What was discussed:

Module 1: (Introduction and Welcome note, Start time:00min:00 sec, End time:07min:10sec): Dr Purendra  Bhasin (Moderator) introduced the panelists and handed over the stage to Dr Mukul Tiwari (President IMA MP). Dr Tiwari welcomed all the panelists and participants to the session.

Module 2: (Treating severe adults and paediatric COVID-19 patients, Start time:07min:10sec, End time:51min:39sec): Dr Dhiren Gupta (Sr Consultant, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital) described the stagewise clinical case presentation of COVID-19 patients and shared his clinical experience in treating COVID-19 patients through case presentations.

Module 3: (Remdesivir: Indication, contraindication & status across the globe in treating COVID-19 disease, Start time:51min:41Sec, End time:01hr:08min:03 sec ):  Dr Salil Gupta (Pulmonologist) explained about patient classification, clinical diagnosis, investigations, pharmacological management and use of Remdesivir in treating COVID patients with various case presentations of different age groups.

Module 4:  (Questions and Answers, Start time:01hr:08min, End time:01hr:36min:10 Sec): Dr Bhasin (Opthalmologist, Moderator)  addressed the speakers on behalf of participants with several relevant questions pertaining to COVID-19 cases and its treatment modalities

Module 5: (Vote of Thanks, Start time:01hr:36min, End time:01hr:40min): Dr Bhasin (Opthamologist, Moderator) and Dr Mukul Tiwari expressed thanks for providing IMA Madhya Pradesh the opportunity to host this webinar. Last not the least Dr. Sachin Malhotra (CEO, Tech Care for All India) ended the session with a note of thanks to all participants, hosts, speakers, panelists and Mylan Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Limited without whose sponsorship this session would not have been possible.


Coming session Starts Sep 09, 2020
Ends Dec 10, 2020