Clinical & Pulmonary COVID-19 complications; Experience Sharing in Managing through Recovery (including Psychiatry Stress)

Clinical & Pulmonary COVID-19 complications; Experience Sharing in Managing through Recovery (including Psychiatry Stress)


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Course Overview


Indian Medical Association Rajasthan (IMA Raj) welcomes doctors to view a recorded session on “Clinical & Pulmonary COVID-19 complications” held on 13th Sep 2020, where experts shared their experience in managing patients through recovery and on managing Psychiatry Stress.

What was discussed:

Module 1: (Introduction and Welcome note, Start time:01min:31 sec, End time:14min:29sec): Dr Raghav (Moderator) introduced all panelists and then Dr S.S. Agarwal and Dr Thareja (President, IMA Rajasthan) welcomed all the speakers and host panelists.

Module 2: (Clinical Spectrum of COVID-19, Start time:14min:45sec, End time:37min:33sec): Dr Virendra Singh (Speaker) explained the clinical presentation of COVID-19 patients, that included incubation period, symptoms, investigation and different treatment options and management, shared personal experience of physical and psychological experience as a COVID-19 positive patient.  

Module 3: (Pulmonary complications & Management to Recovery, Start time:39min:14Sec, End time:01hr:03min:54 sec):  Dr Sheetu Singh (Speaker) shared her experience in treating and managing pulmonary complications in COVID patients and provided case presentations of COVID-19 patients and discussed pulmonary rehabilitation in COVID-19 patients.

Module 4: (COVID & Mental Stress, Start time:01hr:04min:20Sec, End time:01hr:22min:02 sec): Dr Raghav Shah (Moderator) explained about the psychiatric stress pre, during and post COVID-19, the suicidal tendencies for COVID-19 patients and what how to evaluate to provide consultation.

Module 5: (Q&A, Start time:01hr:22min:36sec, End time:01hr:48min:10 Sec): Dr Raghav Shah addressed the speakers on behalf of participants with several relevant questions pertaining to COVID-19 cases and its treatment modalities.

Module 6: (Vote of Thanks, Start time:01hr:49min:58sec, End time:01hr:52min:28sec): Dr Thareja ended the session with Vote of Thanks to all participants, panelists, MLH and Mylan pharmaceuticals. Last but not the least Dr. Mayuri Keskar from Tech Care for All India, ended the session with a note of thanks. 



Dr Virendra Singh: Clinical Spectrum of COVID-19 

Dr Seetu Singh: Pulmonary complications & Management to Recovery 

Dr Raghav Shah: COVID & Mental Stress 


Technical Prerequisites


Coming session Starts Sep 13, 2020
Ends Dec 13, 2020