CME on Restrictive hemodynamics

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2 hours

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Course Overview

CSI Rajasthan welcomes you to CME on "Restrictive hemodynamic." The session will be moderated by Dr Jitendra Makkar. The CME will have 4 case presentations by Dr Jugal Sharma, Dr Rajeev Sharma and Dr C.P. Purohit. 
The flow of CME is as follows:
CASE PRESENTATION 1: By Dr. Jugal Sharma, on the topic “Restrictive hemodynamics; Restrictive Cardiomyopathy vs Constrictive Pericarditis” 
CASE PRESENTATION 2: By Dr. Rajeev Sharma, on the topic “Unusual case of constrictive pericarditis” 
CASE PRESENTATION 3: By Dr. C. P. Purohit, on topic “Bailout strategy during PCI to RCA” 
CASE PRESENTATION 4: By Dr. Rajeev Sharma, on topic “Enigmatic case of RVOT VT”
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CSI CME: Restrictive hemodynamics

Organizing Secretary: Dr Sanjeeb Roy
Moderator: Dr. Jitendra Singh Makkar
Dr. C. B. Meena 
Dr. Nitin Kansal
Dr. Harshwardan

Dr. Jugal Sharma
Dr. Rajeev Sharma
Dr. C. P. Purohit

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