Complex case management in treating COVID-19 patients

Complex case management in treating COVID-19 patients


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Medical Learning Hub (MLH) welcomes you to recorded live clinical experience sharing on Topic: " Complex case management in treating COVID-19 patients ".

Module 1: Clinical experience sharing in treating adults, use of Remdesivir: Dr. Bharti Wadhwa (10.55)
• How corona virus infects and replicates in human body explained
• Remdesivir and COVID-19 - How does Remdesivir work explained
• Clinical management protocol - COVID -19 and protocol for use of Remdesivir discussed
• Selection of patient and treatment initiated explained
• Hepatic impairment and Remdesivir discussed
• Renal impairment and Remdesivir use discussed
• Consent before initiated before use of Remdesivir
• Preparation and administration on Remdesivir explained
• Treatment duration and dosage of Remdesivir
• When to discontinue Remdesivir in COVID-19 patient discussed
• Side effects and drug interaction of Remdesivir
• Controversy over Use of Remdesivir discussed
• Comparison of WHO and ACTT-1 trail and why FDA approved use of Remdesivir discussed
• The different trails and conflicting results on use of Remdesivir discussed
• Personal clinical experience with use of Remdesivir shared
• Barcitinib as newer combination Drug with Remdesivir discussed
• Conclusion on role and use of Remdesivir explained

Module 2: Comorbidities and Outcome in COVID-19 patients. Nikhil Modi (44.50)
• Comorbidities: Complications and poor outcomes discussed
o Cancer and outcomes discussed
o Diabetes and C0VID-19 discussed
o Renal disease and outcome discussed
o Sickle cell disease and Transplant pts
o Gender and age-related outcomes discussed
o Poor outcomes less in patients with asthma explained
o Discussion on outcomes in patients with multiple comorbidities
o Cardiac patients and COVID outcome discussed
o Data at hospital ICU on comorbidities and outcome discussed
o Outcomes in renal transplant patients discussed
o Reason and role of comorbidities for causing poor outcomes
(decreased immune response, delayed immune response in diabetic and oncology patients)
o Importance of using Remdesivir in patients with comorbidities

Module 3: Case Presentations and clinical experience sharing: Dr. Vaibhav Shankar (1.04.00)
• Disease progression, investigation, management and prognosis of cases discussed. The cases selected were
o The case with prolonged COVID-19 lung complication
o Immunocompromised patient
o Patient with cardiac involvement
o Morbidly obese patient
• Conclusion and interferences observed discussed

Module 4: Question Answer section (1.21.00)

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Ends Mar 17, 2021