Coronavirus- Guidelines by National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC)

Coronavirus- Guidelines by National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC)

National Centre for Communicable Disease (NCDC)

National Centre for Communicable Disease (NCDC)
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Course Overview

National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) takes leading role in undertaking investigations of disease outbreaks all over the country employing epidemiological and diagnostic tools. It also provides referral diagnostic services to individuals, community, medical colleges, research institutions and state health directorates. As COVID-19 is pandemic, NCDC has provided guidelines to healthcare experts to get detailed knowledge of disease and the measures to be adapted while treating the patient of COVID-19


Chapter 1: Guidelines for infection prevention and control (IPC): This document gives standard recommendations to prevent spread of infection which include standard precaution, contact precaution and respiratory precaution

Chapter 2: Screening
Unit 1: Guidance for screening centre
Unit 2: SOP on specimen collection, packaging and transport in ARD: The document provides detailed information about collecting the sample of COVID-19 patient and about its packaging and transportation.
Unit 3: Specimen collection proforma: Proforma to be filled for collecting samples of positive or suspected COVID-19 patient

Chapter 3: Clinical management
Unit 1: Management of SARI in suspected or confirmed COVID-19: The purpose and scope of this document is to provide clinicians, updated interim guidance on timely effective and safe management of patient with SARI and COVID-19.
Unit 2: Advisory for hospital and clinics: This document gives information to hospital administrators for management of suspected coronavirus patient.

Chapter 4: Isolation and quarantine
Unit 1: Isolation facility set up: This booklet gives complete information about how to prepare the isolation wards, and the precautions to be adapted while wearing and removing personal protective equipment
Unit 2: Guidelines for disinfection of quarantine facility of COVID-19: This document provides detailed guidlines about the disinfection facilty of coronavirus patient
Unit 3: Guidelines for quarantine of patient: This document provides detailed information about procedures required to be adapted for preparing quarantine facilities, like  preparing infrastructure, medical facility etc.

Chapter 5: Ambulance transfer: These standard operating procedures can be used to train the ambulance driver and technicians in transporting COVID-19 patient. It also aims to support the program officers in monitoring functionality and infection prevention protocols of ambulance

Chapter 6: Waste disposal of COVID-19 patient: This documents provides guidelines for handling, treatment, and disposal of waste generated during treatment/diagnosing/quarantine of COVID-19 patient

Chapter 7: Discharge policy: This documents provides policy guidelines which describes about the discharge policy of suspected and positive COVID-19 patient 

Chapter 8: Dead body management: This document provides the detailed expalnation about the standard precautions which needs to be followed while handling dead body of COVID-19 patient, which includes infection and prevention control practice, removal of body from isolation area, handling of body in mortuary, autopsies, crematorium or burial etc

Chapter 9: List of state nodal COVID-19

Chapter 10: Containment Plan 

Chapter 11: Micro Plan for Containing Local Transmission of  Coronavirus Disease

Chapter 12: Roles and Responsibilities of RRTs in COVID-19 response 

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