Coronavirus in Italy - Report From The Front Lines

Coronavirus in Italy - Report From The Front Lines


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Coronavirus in Italy - Report From The Front Lines

Topics covered in this video:

Where is Lombardy in Italy and why is it unique? (2:22)

 COVID-19 cases and case-fatality rates in Italy to date (3:45)

What happened after the first patient tested positive? (4:45)

How did you reorganize your intensive care services as cases increased? (6:52)

How many critical care beds were available the first week? (8:54)

How many ICU beds were you able to add as cases surged? (10:10)

How does your experience match China's? (10:57)

Have there been infected children? (12:50)

Are the younger patients (30-40 yo) doing well after receiving treatment? (14:51) 

Have you created separate ICUs for COVID-19 patients? (15:47)

How are you protecting health care personnel? (17:20)

Are health care workers allowed to go home? (20:36)

Are you making painful triage decisions? (21:30)

Are you seeing non-respiratory manifestations of disease? (22:52)

Are you using therapies besides traditional approaches to respiratory failure? (24:50)

Have you seen any cases of reinfection? (26:58)

What are your recommendations for the United States? (28:10)

How do the case #s in Lombardy compare to cases in the rest of Italy? (29:49)

Are you attempting noninvasive ventilation in less severe cases? (31:07)

When you go home, how are you protecting your family? (33:30)

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