COVID-19: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW)

COVID-19: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW)


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Course Overview

In January 2020 the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak of a new coronavirus disease in Hubei, China to be a Public Health Emergency of international concern. WHO has declared it as a pandemic affecting more than 11 counteries around the globe. In India first COVID-19 case was diagnosed on 30th January 2020. With cases rising steadily in society government of India has provided guidelines for healthcare professionals to fight with this pandemic.


Chapter 1: Facilitator guide: This module is for ASHA and ANM workers. After this training they will be able to support community surveillance process, strengthening community linkage with public health services, preparedness, prevention and control. They will also learn about protection of healthcare workers from acquiring COVID 19. This document provides the information about the essential technical features required for handling COVID-19 patient.

Chapter 2: Guidelines on infection prevention and control: This module covers introduction, fundamentals of healthcare associated infections, infection prevention and control program, procedures and practice for IPC, control of environment, IPC in special units or situation, etc

Chapter 3: Webinar for nursing officers for training in care of patient suspected or positive with COVID-19: This webinar was conducted by AIIMS institute for nursing staff to educate them with the pandemic COVID-19 and what IPC measures they should adapt while handling the patients.

Chapter 4: Epidemiology, clinical features and diagnosis by AIIMS: This online webinar (almost 65 minutes) was conducted and recorded by AIIMS on 27 March 2020. Dr Vijay Hadda, Associate Professor of Department of Pulmonary Critical Care and Sleep Medicine, presented about the epidemiology and diagnosis of COVID-19 along with Dr Saurabh Mittal who explained practices of Infection Prevention Control (IPC) measures .

Chapter 5: Guidelines on sample collection, packaging and transportation: This document describes the information required for collecting sample, packaging and transportation of COVID-19 patient. 

Chapter 6: Ventilator for COVID-19 patient: This document provides the information about the essential technical features required for handling COVID-19 patient on ventilators.

Chapter 7: Guidelines for dialysis of COVID-19 patient: COVID-19, disease is currently pandemic which produces high morbidity in elderly patients. Patients with kidney disorder and under dialysis are also vulnerable group. This document gives the guidelines to handle the COVID-19 patient under dialysis. 

Chapter 8: Clinical management in COVID-19 
Unit 1: PDF document: This document is intended for clinicians taking care of hospitalized adult and paediatric patient of COVID-19. The document aims to provide clinicians with updated interim guidance on timely, effective and safe supportive management of patients with COVID-19, particularly those with severe acute respiratory illness and critical illness. 
Unit 2: Webinar by AIIMS: This webinar conducted and recorded by AIIMS on 27 Mar 2020, Dr Anant Mohan, Professor and Head Department of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine (AIIMS) explained about the management of COVID-19 cases. Dr Karan Madan MD, DM Associate Professor of Pulmoanary Critical Care and Sleep Medicine (AIIMS) discussed about management of severe COVID-19, i.e. ARDS and Shock.  

Chapter 9: Containment Plan for Large Outbreaks 

Chapter 10: Containment Plan for Large Outbreaks Guidelines for Handling, Treatment and Disposal of Waste Generated during Treatment/Diagnosis/Quarantine of COVID-19 Patients: Following specific guidelines for management of waste generated during diagnostics and treatment of COVID-19 suspected/confirmed patients, are required to be followed by all the stakeholders including isolation wards, quarantine centers, sample collection centers, laboratories, ULBs and common biomedical waste treatment and disposal facilities, in addition to existing practices under BMW Management Rules, 2016. 

Chapter 11: Advisory to start rapid antibody based blood test for COVID-19

Chapter 12: Video on use of PPE in different areas of hospital

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