COVID-19: Newer Revelations and the Road Ahead

COVID-19: Newer Revelations and the Road Ahead


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Course Overview

Medical Learning Hub (MLH) welcomes you to live clinical experience sharing on Topic: "COVID-19: Newer Revelations and the Road Ahead".

What was covered:

Module 1: Case report - Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS) in adult with COVID-19: Speaker: Dr Rakesh Periwal (11.10)
• Inflammation - Infection - Coagulation in Covid
• MIS in children discussed
• MIS in adults – Definitions described
• Presentations, Management, course in the hospital, investigations (lab markers) and provisional diagnosis in a MIS – Adult Case discussed

Module 2: Cardiac complications in COVID-19 -Speaker: Prof (Dr) Suvro Banerjee (22.25)
• Cardiac complications in COVID-19 enumerated
o Acute Coronary syndrome (mechanism, investigations and Management) discussed
o Heart failure causes and management discussed
o Arrythmias mechanism and management discussed
o Pulmonary hypertension causes and management discussed
o Pathophysiology on cardiac complications in Covid explained
o Covid coagulopathy explained
o Prevention of post covid cardiac complication and management discussed
o Covid-19 Cases discussed with cardiac complications

Module 3: Interactive Question answer session

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Coming session Starts Dec 22, 2020
Ends Mar 22, 2021