CSI Rajasthan Branch – Bimonthly CME

CSI Rajasthan Branch – Bimonthly CME


90 Mins



Course Overview

Aim of CSI Rajasthan Chapter has been advancement of scientific knowledge and research in relation to the cardiovascular system in all its aspects, to improve basic understanding and to find better preventive measures and treatment of all types of Cardiovascular diseases.

With this objective, bimonthly scientific meeting are been organized. However, in view of current national disaster and pandemic, such programs have been deferred. However, Covid-19 it appears is going to stay long and we have to learn to live with it.
With intent to revive the dissemination of scientific knowledge, as alternative arrangement, CSI-Rajasthan Branch is organizing this webinar to overcome the current hurdles. Case presentations by Dr Rohit Mathur and Prof. Kapil Bhargava and team are planned. 



1. Case presentation: MDM medical College. Dr. Rohit Mathur 
2. Case presentation: Prof Kapil Bhargava / team 

Prof Rajeev Bagaratta 
Dr. C.B. Meena 

Dr. Sanjeeb Roy
Dr. Prakash Chandwani 
Dr. G L Sharma 
Dr. Pushpendra Garg 
Dr. Ravinder Rao.

Date: 14 May 2020

Time: 5:30-7:00 PM IST

Coming session Starts May 20, 2020
Ends May 19, 2021