Early action in COVID-19-The benefits

Early action in COVID-19-The benefits


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Indian Medical Association Assam welcomes doctors to a recorded live clinical experience sharing webinar session on "Early action in COVID-19-The benefits".

IMA Assam highlights 
Module 1: Case presentation of COVID-19 patients - Dr. Brajendra Lahkar 

●Case was presented and discussed with respect to: 
 ○Vital status 
 ○Radiology report 
 ○Treatment given in ICU 
●Classification of COVID-19 with respect to presenting symptoms explained 
●Study on COVID-19  
●Risk factors resulting in poor diagnosis (comorbidity and laboratory parameters) 
●Complications in COVID-19 
●Treatment given in case explained  
●Trails regarding use of dexamethasone, Remdesivir and convalescent plasma or immunoglobulin were described  
●Conclusion regarding treatment was explained with personal experience  
Module 2: Use of Favipiravir & early treatment options- Dr. Kripesh Ranjan Sarmah  
●Introduction of present status of the disease and its management  

Early treatment options: 
●Medications used in early treatment was explained  
●Use of Doxycycline and Ivermectin as combination in early treatment was described with help of a study    
●Benefit of early use of Favipiravir explained with help of study and trails  
●Conclusion -Use of Faviparivir in early treatment showed significant improvement  
●Trail regarding use of Remdesivir was described 
●Nocturnal oxygen therapy as early treatment option in treatment    
●Umbilical cord blood as newer option explained  
●Risk factors predicting prognosis  
●Use of interleukin in COVID-19 management  

Guidelines for mild cases of COVID-19: 
●Government of India 
●Government of Assam  

Take home message:  
●Early detection and prevention 
●Even mild should be treated by moderate  
●More research is required for further treatment  
●Use medication as per severity and clinically indicated 
Module 3: Question and Answer session  

We thank the Indian Medical Association Assam, for hosting this session and our sponsors Mylan Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. to make this program possible. Wish you a great learning experience.



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