Financial Sustainability of CHAI Hospitals-Smart Procurement

Financial Sustainability of CHAI Hospitals-Smart Procurement

Healthcare Administration

1 Hour 30 Mins

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Course Overview


CHAI Academy welcomes you to the webinar titled “Financial sustainability of CHAI hospitals: "Smart Procurement". During the webinar, the main speaker will discuss, how hospitals can be benefited through smart procurement. The experiences of the existing CHAI hospitals using smart procurement will be discussed further.



The flow of the webinar will be as follows:

Introduction: 5 min

Mr. John Santhosh,  Main Speaker: 20 min
Sr. Sugandhy, SAL, Experience Sharing, Speaker 1: 7 min
Sr. Lizy Jose, SAL, Experience Sharing, Speaker 2:  7 min 
Rev. Dr. Sebastian, OFM Cap, Experience Speaker 3: 7 min

Moderated Q&A: 20 min
Comments from participants: 15 min
Closing remarks: 5 min

Date: 01 July 2020, Wednesday
Time: 4:00 pm To 5:30 pm

Technical Prerequisites

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