ICU safe practices & improving outcomes of severe COVID-19 cases

ICU safe practices & improving outcomes of severe COVID-19 cases


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Medical Learning Hub (MLH) welcomes you to live clinical experience sharing on Topic: "ICU safe practices & improving outcomes of severe COVID-19 cases".

Module 1: Minimizing work place exposure: Dr. Kirti Sabnis (8.00)
• Transmission dynamic in Covid-19
o Three main ways (Contact transmission, Droplet transmission and Airborne). Methods to reduce or minimise transmission discussed
• Air borne or Fomites
• Different Exposure places in Hospital
• How to minimise infection
• Risk of transmission to Healthcare worker discussed (modes of transmission from infected to susceptible)
• Sources of COVID-19 at workplace exposures
• Different mask discussed and ideal mask for protection as per exposure explained
• Who should not wear mask? Answered
• Social distancing methods and worksite adjustment
• Increased disinfection protocols in hospital described
• Methods of Containing individuals who may have covid explained
• Broad guidelines at hospitals and in hospital infection control discussed
• Prevention of contamination in operation theatre discussed
• Prevention of air exchange during ventilation and airway management explained
• Methods to prevent spread in ICU and ICU procedures discussed
• Guidelines for workplace prevention ( WHO,CDC and ISA National)
• Questions related workplace infection prevention addressed

Module 2: Role of Remdesivir to improve outcomes in COVID-19: Dr. Pankaj Anand (52.30)
• Severe COVID-19 Case discussion
• Remdesivir pharmacology described and FDA approval
• Trails on Remdesivir discussed
• Importance of using Remdesivir on specific stage of disease
• Discussion on WHO solidarity trail
• Guidelines on using Remdesivir discussed (NIH and Indian)

Module 3: Question Answer session

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