IMA-GOA: Personal protective equipment and COVID-19

IMA-GOA: Personal protective equipment and COVID-19


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In this course you will learn about the recommendations for PPE in HCP and its uses in different areas in hospital


Chapter 1: PDF document: This document is provided by WHO which gives recommendations for the rational use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in healthcare and community settings, as well as during the handling of cargo; in this context, PPE includes gloves, medical masks, goggles or a face shield, and gowns, as well as for specific procedures, respirators (i.e. N95 or FFP2 standard or equivalent) and aprons.
Chapter 2: Recorded webinar by AIIMS: This webinar was recorded on 30th March 2020. The webinar gives detail explanation about how the health care professional should prepare themself before examining the COVID-19 patient and how and where to dispose the mask, after examining the COVID-19 patients.
Chapter 3: Video by MoHFW on appropriate PPE used in different areas of hospital  

Coming session Starts May 06, 2020
Ends May 05, 2021