Zonal Meeting Sikar Zone By IMA Rajasthan

Zonal Meeting Sikar Zone By IMA Rajasthan


1 Hour 30 Minutes

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Course Overview

IMA Rajasthan welcomes you to "Zonal webinar Meeting Sikar Zone". 

Points to be discussed in Meeting:

Private practice in corona pandemic

  • General Guidelines
  • Extra expenditure due to corona pandemic
  • How to protect ourself
  • Is it necessary to get COVID-19 test before surgery
  • What we can do if patient is negative at admission but further got positive

Related to BSBY

  • Outstanding dues
  • Payment should be in a fix time schedule
  • Rate list of packages
  • Problems of private practice
  • Should work in these schemes or not in present time

Points to be noted by every speaker

  • On beginning of meeting please enter your name and local branch name, so it will be easy to identify. 
  • You will be given 2 minutes time to speak on your turn, so please note your pointson paper first
  • Please do not repeat the points which were already cover by someone before you
  • All participants will get chance to speak by alphabetical order of branch/district
  • No point can be raised on other than agenda of meeting without prior information to host and permission of state president


Dr P.C. Garg (Zonal Secretart IMA Rajastha)
Dr N.M. Goyal (President Sikar IMA Rajasthan)

Guest Participants:
Dr S.S. Agarwal (Ex National President IMA)
Dr M.N. Thareja (President IMA Rajasthan)
Dr V.K. Jain (Hon Secretary IMA Rajasthan)
Dr S.N. Harsh (Ex State Secretary)
Dr Raj Shekhar Yadav (State executive)
Dr Sanjeev Gupta (Media research)
All President Secretary and Members of Sikar zone branch 

Date: 20 May 2020

Time: 8 Pm IST

For any Technical assistance in registering please contact Dr Mayuri Keskar at +91- 9326389241

Technical Prerequisites

Please download and install Zoom app on your phone or desktop: https://zoom.us/client/latest/ZoomInstaller.exe

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