International Experience Sharing and Exchange: Managing COVID-19 series (China Primary Health Care Foundation)

International Experience Sharing and Exchange: Managing COVID-19 series (China Primary Health Care Foundation)


2 Hours

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Course Overview

China’s National Health Commission, the China Primary Health Care Foundation, and ACCESS Health are hosting an international facing, web training program for public health experts April 2, 2020, at 19:00 China Standard Time.

The objective for the event is to share and exchange Covid-19 experiences among experts from different countries on outbreak management and response, and to officially introduce the INSIGHT Covid-19 International Public Health Management Training Program to healthcare professionals.

This highly anticipated program and launch will include national government officials and renowned experts, including Dr Zhu CHEN, the Vice Chairman of The Standing Committee of NPC, Chairman of China Peasants & Workers Democratic Party, former Health Minister of China, Dr Nanshan ZHONG, the National appointed epi expert team leader for Covid-19, Dr Gauden Galea, the WHO China representative, and Dr Naveen Rao, Senior Vice President & Senior Advisor to the President, Health Initiative at The Rockefeller Foundation.


● Opening, introducing speakers

● Leader's remarks

● WHO senior representative's remarks

● China's COVID-19 experience sharing from a science and medical perspective

● COVID-19 severe cases' cytokine storm and treatment

● Panel discussion: exchanges of experiences and lessons of COVID-19   

DATE: Thursday 2 April 2020 (first session)

> INDIA (IST): 16:30 (04:30PM)

>  EAST AFRICA (EAT): 14:00 (02:00PM)

>  BEIJING:  (CST) 19:00 (07:00 PM)

>  NEW YORK (EDT): 10:00 

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Coming session Starts Apr 02, 2020
Ends Apr 01, 2021
INDIA (IST): 16:30 (04:30PM), EAST AFRICA (EAT): 14:00 (02:00PM)