Lipid Management

Lipid Management


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Cardiological Society of India – Rajasthan Branch welcomes to the recorded Live webinar session on Scientific Program, topic "Lipid Management".

Chairperson : Professor R. K. Madhok
Organizing Secretary : Dr. Sanjeeb Roy

What was discussed: 

Session 1: Symposium : Lipid management
Moderator: Dr. Prakash Chandwani
Panelists: Dr. Rajeev Bagarhatta, Dr. G L Sharma

Topic 1: How low is low?
Presenter: Dr. Milind Srivastava

Topic 2: Residual risk beyond statins. Dr. Rudra Dev Pandey 
Presenter: Dr. Rudra Dev Pandey

Followed by Panel discussion

Session 2 : Case presentations
Moderator: Dr. Sanjeeb Roy
Panelists : Dr. Prakash Chandwani, Dr. Rajeev Bagarhatta, Dr. Milind Srivastava

Topic 1: EP study tutorial Part-2 
Presenter: Dr. Rajeev Sharma 

Topic 2: Case 1 : Complex PCI 
Presenter: Dr. G.L Sharma

Topic 3: Case 2 : Ostial LAD – Role of microcatheter 
Presenter: Dr. Sohan Sharma

Topic 4: Case 3 : Case of perforation of RCA 
Presenter: Dr. Sanjay Sharma

Topic 5: Case 4 : Think before you tap –Conundrums in Tamponade management
Presenter: Dr. Nikhil Choudhary 

Followed by Vote of Thanks

We wish you a great learning experience and thank Cardiological Society of India – Rajasthan Branch for hosting this session. We also thank our sponsors USV Private Limited to make this program possible.


Coming session Starts Oct 22, 2020
Ends Jan 22, 2021