Long COVID: Clinically defining and managing COVID in 2021

Long COVID: Clinically defining and managing COVID in 2021


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Medical Learning Hub (MLH) welcomes you to recorded live clinical experience sharing on Topic: "Long COVID: Clinically defining and managing COVID in 2021".

What was covered:

Modue 1: Management of COVID patients, and use of Remdesivir : Dr Ashish Jain (8.20)
• Burden of Covid-19, symptoms and severity distribution and discussed
• Risk of poor prognosis explained
• Moderate and Critically ill cases explained with respect to symptoms
• Management of critically ill pts with oxygenation and renal replacement therapy explained.
• Antivirals and immunomodulators used in COVID-19 discussed
• Different management strategies discussed (corticosteroid, anti-coagulants, antifibrinolytics convalescent plasma et)
• Long covid term explained and discussed
• Post covid complications discussed

Module 2: Global investigations during COVID-19 pandemic: Current updates: Dr. Vinay Singhal (42.00)
• Prevention methods discussed
• Specimen collection for covid explained in detail
• Time line of biomarkers discussed and test performed explained
• Vaccines in Sars cov -2 discussed ( Types ) in different parts of world
• mRNA vaccines discussed with mechanism of action
• Concept of Herd immunity in coivd discussed

Module 3 : Question Answer session

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Coming session Starts Dec 29, 2020
Ends Mar 29, 2021